About Select Art Prints

Save yourself hours on an ‘endless scroll’ trying to find the perfect art print, or collection of pieces to style your home or business. We have done the hard work for you. View individual pieces, or complete collections of complimentary pieces for large interior decorating projects.

About Select Art Prints

Art and interior design

I can’t imagine living in a home without art on the walls.  To me, artwork is what brings life to a room. I grew up in a home with beautiful original paintings in every room.  These were mostly watercolour landscape artworks that depicted the countryside where I grew up.

I realize that not everyone has access to high-quality original pieces. This is where art prints shine. With their affordability, variety of sizes and framing options, wall art prints offer a great alternative to original artwork.

Nature-inspired wall art

My early exposure to art sparked a love for nature-inspired artworks, encompassing landscapes, seascapes, floral and botanical creations, and particularly, abstract pieces that draw on the colours and elements found in nature.

Several years ago, I was searching online for multiple art prints to decorate the walls of business premises. Discovering and choosing quality ready-to-hang wall art prints, in the style and colours I wanted, amongst the vast array of options available, proved to be a time-consuming task.

Select Art Prints

Determined to make the process easier for others, I embarked on a mission to curate a collection of affordable, beautiful, and unique art prints. My goal was to streamline the process of finding the perfect print or collection of prints for any interior space.

Heather White – Founder of Select Art Prints

Select the perfect wall art print.

To help you choose art prints, or collections of art prints, our selections are curated in a way that makes it easy for you to choose and purchase;

  • An individual art print
  • A collection of complimentary art prints – for larger interior styling and decorating projects.

 You can view art prints;

  • In the colour palette of your preference
  • In collections of complementary pieces
  • Or scroll through and view all art prints until a piece stands out to you.

Framing options

Stretched Canvas

  • High-quality canvas art prints, professionally printed, stretched, and mirror wrapped around a timber frame.

Stretched Canvas – Floating Frame

  • High-quality canvas art prints, professionally printed, stretched, and mirror-wrapped around a timber frame
  • Finished with a floating frame, also known as a shadow box frame.
  • Frames available in Oak, White and Black

 Framed Art Prints

  • Printed on high-quality fine art printing paper
  • White border
  • Sustainably sourced, solid wood frames handmade in Australia
  • UV Plexiglas glazing for protection and crystal-clear viewing of your art print

How is Select Art Prints different from other online art print shops?

Select Art Prints differs from our competitors, not only due to the ease of selection of art prints, but because of the quality and originality of our selection – most pieces will not be seen on any other online art print websites.

Select Art Prints

  • Ready-to-hang wall art prints
  • Stretched Canvas Prints
  • Framed art prints
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Multiple framing options
  • Frames available in Oak, White and Black
  • Printed and framed in Australia
  • Free shipping Australia Wide