Browse our colour selections to find art prints to inspire your interior design style, or to compliment your existing interior décor and colour scheme.  The colour palettes below will help you make confident styling decisions. 

An abstract watercolor painting featuring gentle, fluid aqua blue swirls that resemble the graceful movements of water.

An abstract turquoise blue fluid artwork resembling the flow of the ocean tide as it surges and gracefully glides over expansive tidal flats.

An artwork of a pastel blue sky with wispy clouds creating streaks across the canvas. Sunlight streams through the clouds, casting a luminous glow.

An abstract watercolour artwork with feathery brushstrokes in cobalt blue, red, and gold sweeping across a white background.

An abstract oil painting featuring large blocky brushstrokes in rich navy blue, indigo, red, and burgundy with a soft pastel blue background above.

Black and white abstract artwork showcasing black watercolor washes on a white background, creating stark contrasts. The fluid technique of watercolor creates ethereal shapes, resembling floating clouds.

Watercolor artwork of a dawn sky in shades of mauve and amber above a landscape in burgundy, yet to be lit by the rising sun.

A floral watercolour artwork in pink hues, featuring delicate flowers intricately painted with gentle brushstrokes.









Finding just the right piece, in just the right colour, can transform a room. We hope these colour selections have helped you choose a wall art print to compliment your interior colour scheme, or one
that you love so much it inspires you to continue on your interior styling journey.

Once you have found that one perfect art print, you might feel inspired to transform an entire area in your home, or your entire home! We know that bringing together pieces that compliment one another, your colour scheme, the accent colours you have chosen so carefully, and your unique interior style can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we have curated sets of complimentary artworks to make it easier for you to confidently choose collections of wall art prints.

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